Single Family Home Sales in RI Highest in June In 16 Years

    housepricesup4Things are looking up in the Rhode Island Real Estate Market!

    According to the Rhode Island Association of Realtors, last month was the most active month for single family home sales in June in 16 years. Pending sales rose 10% last month as well. “Clearly consumer confidence is back and people are once again seeing real estate as a solid investment.  Not only are consumers buying properties in record numbers, but prices are slowly going up. That’s important because increased equity allows more homeowners the opportunity to make a move. The late start to the spring selling season due to last winter’s harsh weather pushed many sales later into the spring but finally, the market appears to have opened up,” said Bruce Lane, President of the Rhode Island Association of Realtors. The great news is this robust market is showing no signs of slowing down! For the most up to date listing information, visit Albert Realtors Since 1963! Trusted Then…Trusted Now 401-944-3377 or e-mail:

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